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        ​Reflexology Services

All Services are for the full amount of time unless you arrive past your appointment time then services are adjusted to allow our staff to stay on schedule for our guest. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your start time to insure you are receiving your full time for your session. Please note that Iowa law states that sales tax of 7% must be applied to reflexology services.

$35 Reflexology 30 Minutes

$50 Reflexology 45 Minutes

$65 Reflexology 60 Minutes

$95 Reflexology 90 Minutes

$125 Reflexology 120 Minutes


Please note that Iowa law states that sales tax of 7% must be applied to Ion foot bath services.
We do not do services longer then a 1/2 hour on Ion Foot Baths. 
Ion Foot Bath


Ion Foot Bath is a detox system that uses an ion machine with sea salt and water. The ion on machine works as a magnet to pull heavy metals from the body.

Ion Foot Bath Package $245

Ion Foot Bath is a detox system that uses an ion machine with sea salt and water. The ion on machine works as a magnet to pull heavy metals form the body. This package is 7 full detox 1/2 hour sessions. To fully detox with ion foot bath you need to do 1 session a week for 7 weeks.  


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Contraindications  for Massage Therapy

Please read all the below contraindications for massage



Bites CONTAGIOUS and insect or snake bites

Contagious or Infectious Diseases – including colds & flu - expose therapist to disease, weaken immune system, and spread infection through lymphatic system (tuberculosis/meningitis/encephalitis/MRSA)

Fever– body fighting an infection

Neuritis – inflamed peripheral nerves resulting in pain and loss of function

Recent Operations - Postoperative Precautions  or Acute Injuries – Doctors permission within 6 months

Skin Diseases – Herpes …

Substance Abuse (drugs or alcohol) – including certain prescription medications for pain as they can mask the pain area. Please list or advise your therapist of all medication




Allergy Symptoms & Skin Rashes –lesions, rashes, hives, psoriasis (only of open wounds from scratching), eczema (only of open wounds from scratching), poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac


Bruising (if tender to touch)


  Blisters or inflamed skin

Edema (excessive fluid retention)


HIV – (wear gloves if open legions)

Inflammation – AVOID if red, painful & swelling


Skin Infections –boils, abscesses …

Skin Lesions, Open Wounds, Sores, Blistering


Ulcers – AVOID abdomen

Undiagnosed lumps or bumps or pain

Varicose veins



All conditions already being treated by a doctor

Accident – recent

Angina – pain in chest

Asthma - chronic

Bell’s palsy, trapped & pinched nerves

Cancer – CASE BY CASE BASIS – NEED DOCTOR PERMISSION – AVOID tumor site, abdominal region, & sometimes quadrant.   AVOID  lymph node area if removed & below limb.  AVOID radiation region.  Chemotherapy & radiation prone to infection – AVOID OILS & LOTIONS – Okay in terminal cases

Cardio – Vascular / Heart Conditions-   

                Artherosclerosis (plaque) – AVOID CAROTID ARTERIES IN NECK

Blood Clotting (embolism or thrombus) –can get bruising or hemorrhaging from deep tissue

                Heart Attack, Conditions, Angina, Pacemakers

                High Blood Pressure (light massage)

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Pacemaker (avoid area)

Phlebitis – inflammation of veins – usually in legs

Thrombophlebitis (deep leg veins) –can move blood clots & cause death


Dizzy & Nauseated

Edema- Extreme (excessive fluid retention)


Fatigue (Extreme OR Sudden)   –early symptoms of life threatening degenerative diseases – diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, auto immune disease, chronic infection – REFER TO DOCTOR

Gynecological Infections

Inflammation  (“it is”)–REFER TO DOCTOR –could be fracture, dislocation, rheumatoid arthritis (joints), dermatitis (skin) …

Kidney Infection – sever loin pain with fever – REFER TO DOCTOR

Nervous or Psychotic Conditions

Neuritis – Nerve Inflammation, trapped or pinched nerves – REFER TO DOCTOR

Osteoporosis (Severe – light massage)

Peritonitis – abdomen ridged or extreme pain (fever) - inflammation of abdomen – REFER TO DOCTOR

Psoriasis – Extreme - (a skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches)

Severe Pain –– can’t sleep well, or lie down comfortably - REFER TO DOCTOR

Other – Per Doctor’s request



Blood Clotting (embolism or thrombus) or Clients on blood thinner medications.

Chronic Pain –Autoimmune Diseases – lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis…

Elderly (frail) – bruising

High Blood Pressure

Fatigues, excessive stress, & unable to relax

Loss of Sensation (Numbness) –can bruise tissue.  Could be late-phase diabetes, syringo-myelia, spinal cord or brain damage, nerve root or peripheral nerve compression, intoxication, drug use, or stroke

Osteoporosis – gentle massage only

Metal in body

Some medications –if taking anticoagulant drugs… Per Doctor

Thrombophlebitis (deep leg veins)